Guardamar del Segura: 7 things to see and do

Are you thinking of enjoying a vacation on the Costa Blanca? If so, let us give you a hand in planning your trip and tell you all about Guardamar del Segura and what to see there. Its name is due to the Segura River, and if this has so much importance in its denomination, it is because it is right here where it has its mouth.

Let’s go with the best places to see and the most fun activities to do in Guardamar del Segura.

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Enjoying one of its wonderful beaches

Guardamar del Segura Beach

Or all of them! Because it has no more and no less than eight different beaches in its 11 kilometers of coastline, and some of them have obtained on multiple occasions the Blue Flag distinction for their good environmental conditions and the large number of services they offer.

These are the beaches of Guardamar del Segura:

  • Vivers Beach It is a semi-urban beach with a length of 1.3 kilometers and 45 meters wide, located between the Marina Marina de las Dunas and the beach of Babylon. The access must be done on foot, but the path is easy.
  • Babylon Beach This is a fairly large urban beach, whose crystalline waters are ideal for water sports.
  • Downtown Beach One of the best of this locality, since it can boast of having Blue Flag since 1987.
  • Tossals Beach It is located next to the border with Elche, and is mostly nudist.
  • La Roqueta Beach Also with Blue Flag since 1987.
  • Moncayo Beach It is located in a dune ecosystem and receives its name because from it you can contemplate, in the distance, the geodesic point of El Moncaio.
  • Camp Beach Camp Beach: Its clean golden sand makes it perfect to spend the day sunbathing and enjoy with your family, as a couple, or to relax alone.
  • Les Ortigues Beach An extensive virgin beach with fine golden sand, which continues to Torremolinos.

Dunes and pine forest

Dunes and pine forest of Guardamar del Segura

Dunas de Guardamar

This natural environment is a classic when it comes to what to visit in Guardamar del Segura. It is a pine forest of 800 hectares that, at first, had an artificial origin, since the trees were planted so that the moving sand dunes would not affect the crops in the area.

It is known that, at one time, there was a natural pine forest in the area, but it was deforested in the 18th century, when the trees were cut down for the construction of warships.

Nowadays, both the dunes and the pine forest have been declared a Natural Interest Space, so if you are in the area you cannot miss these natural areas.

El Castillo

Guardamar del Segura Castle

Castillo de Guardamar

The castle of Guardamar del Segura is one of its best known heritage jewels, and the restoration work that has been carried out allows us to get a good idea of how the building was originally built.

It is located on top of a hill, where we can see both the castle and the remains of the wall and the citadel. Today, we can stroll around the area and discover a little more of the history of the city.

Phoenician port city, La Fonteta

Phoenicia Port City

Cabezo Pequeño del Estaño

On the banks of the mouth of the Segura River are the ruins of La Fonteta, which was one of the main Phoenician cities of the Mediterranean, dated between the 8th and 7th centuries BC. The remains of the city were buried under layers of fine sand, and this has allowed for an extraordinary preservation of the site.

Caliph’s Rábita of the Dunes of Guardamar

The Caliphal Rabita of the Dunes of Guardamar del Segura

Rábita califal de las Dunas de Guardamar

This archaeological site dates back to the 10th century and is also located at the mouth of the Segura River, which, once again, demonstrates the strategic importance that this place had in the past.

One of its peculiarities is that here we find the oldest Arab building in Spain, a Muslim building with a dual use, as it served as a fortress and guard post, and also as a religious center.

Queen Sofia Park

Queen Sofia Park

Parque Reina Sofía

In this park you will be surrounded by pine trees, and you can stroll peacefully in their shade. But, undoubtedly, the best thing is that it has several lagoons inhabited by aquatic birds, and you will also be able to see tortoises.

If you look up, you’re sure to see squirrels scurrying through the treetops. Undoubtedly, a good place to spend an entertaining afternoon, especially if you have children.

Guardamar Turret

Guardamar Turret

Torreta de Guardamar

It is possible that from several points in the city you will see a large antenna. This is the Torre de los Americanos, a rather curious point because it is the tallest structure in Spain and the tallest military construction in Europe, with an extension of 370 meters high. It was built in 1962 and is still active today to monitor marine traffic and submarines.

We have made a brief review about Guardamar del Segura and what to see there, but there is much more to discover on the Costa Blanca, so we encourage you to walk around its beautiful towns and discover all its corners.

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