The 10 most beautiful places to see in Denia


Denia (officially Denia in Valencian), is one of the most beautiful towns in the Valencian Community. Full of history, flavor and many other elements that make it one of the jewels of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean climate is not the only thing that makes Denia one of the most welcoming cities in which to spend the summer on the Costa Blanca. The rich gastronomy is a clear example of its cultural heritage, which allows you to taste thousands of years of history in one place.

Iberian settlement, then Roman port, then part of the Visigothic Spain and then Muslim, to finally return to the hands of Christian Spain until today. Denia is one of the most interesting vacation destinations on the Iberian Peninsula, with a population of just over forty thousand in the summer.

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If you want to know in the best way all that this wonderful municipality has to offer, it is important to visit at least once, each of these destinations:

Dénia Castle and the Archaeological Museum

Dénia Castle

Castillo de Denia

The castle of Denia keeps a piece of each of the most important stages of the history of the city. With Roman, Muslim and medieval Christian remains, touring the castle is equivalent to traveling through hundreds of years of history through its towers, halls and corridors.

In the upper part of the castle there is a beautiful archaeological museum divided into four rooms: the Iberian, Roman, Muslim and Christian periods. Each one with very interesting objects, from Muslim bronzes to Andalusian ceramics.

Dénia Castle Timetable

  • From November to March, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
  • During the months of April and May, from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
  • In June, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • From July 1 to September 15: from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Night hours until 12:30 p.m.), except on the days of the Música al Castell concerts.
  • From September 16 to 30: from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • In the month of October: from 10 am to 6:30 pm.

The Montgó Natural Park and its hiking trails

Montgó Natural Park

Parque natural Montgó

The Montgó Natural Park has been a Natural Park for more than 30 years and is one of the most representative natural attractions of the city, since the mountain crowns the city and shapes a large part of its landscape.

Of stony and uncovered paths, it is an optimal way to appreciate from the heights the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and to get in touch with the Valencian nature.

There are 6 recommended hiking tra ils for families in the surrounding area.

The beaches of Denia

The beaches of Denia, a holiday attraction par excellence of a coastal city with a Mediterranean climate, could not be missed. Denia has a good number of beaches for all tastes, from some more popular and with music, to beaches with a very low number of vacationers. All this, of course, depending on the time of year.

Some of the most outstanding are:

La Cova Tallada

La Cova Tallada

La Cova Tallada

In Cabo de San Antonio we can find this majestic excavated cave, it is a mine used for a long time to extract the stone required for the buildings of the city itself.

It can be reached in less than 25 minutes from the port of Denia, following the coastline to the south.

The old town and the Gerro Tower

Gerro Tower

Torre del Gerro

The most important point of the historic center has already been developed with the description of the beautiful castle, but next to it is the historic district of Les Roques, which has the old charm of the area and its architecture.

For its part, the Gerro Tower crowns the entrance to the Cova Tallada, mentioned above. One of the many watchtowers built in the past to watch the coasts and warn in case of attack.

Dénia creative city of gastronomy

Denia was declared a creative city of gastronomy by Unesco in 2016. Its unique gastronomy in the world combines land and sea in an amalgam seasoned by millenary cultures and traditions.

The famous Dénia red shrimp, the exquisite arrós a banda, the llandeta, the dried octopus and a long etc. Many options if you are looking for exceptional gastronomy.

Quique Dacosta’s Restaurant

Restaurante de Quique Dacosta

A restaurant rated with 3 Michelin stars that represents one of the highest exponents of Mediterranean food in the world.

In an atmosphere that combines avant-garde and traditional elements, you can taste the flavor of the Mediterranean with a modernist style.

Aquatic activities

Being a coastal city, high quality water activities are not to be expected. The beach experience is not the only way to enjoy the sea in Denia, where it is also recommended:

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Sailing in Dénia

Sailing on the beautiful coast of Denia has an added bonus. First of all, it is necessary to point out that you can rent a boat in the port to easily reach Ibiza. It is also possible to follow the coastline and go to the Balearic Islands, Cartagena and the port of Almeria.

Guided tour to see cetaceans

In Denia there are a few maritime companies that offer boat and sailboat rentals with guides that facilitate the sighting of cetaceans. Dolphins take the leading role as the most common animals to see on a coast rich in wildlife.

The Toy Museum

Toy Museum

El Museo del Juguete

Denia has a rich modern history, not only ancient and medieval. The city was home to an incipient toy industry at the beginning of the last century, where metal toys, but mostly wood, set the tone for a healthy production.

The toy museum is located on the second floor of the art center with temporary exhibitions of the old train station Dénia-Carcaixent.

Toy Museum opening hours

  • It is open daily in the morning from 10 am to 1 am.
  • Afternoons: From October to April it is open from 4 to 8. and from May to September from 5 to 9.
  • It is closed on December 25 and January 1.

Greenways by bike

Greenway Dénia

Vía verde de Dénia

Dénia is a city that has welcomed the use of bicycles, implementing bicycle lanes that allow you to tour the historic center of the city and many other places, in addition to providing detailed information on how to ride safely around the city.

Apart from the urban routes, the city offers a number of Green Routes that allow you to appreciate its natural environment by bicycle, with a lesser or greater difficulty depending on what is required. These are:

  • Dénia – Cova del Camell by bicycle
  • Dénia – Els Poblets along the Green Route by bike
  • Dénia – End of Les Rotes by bicycle
  • Park of Les Bassetes – Escollera Norte by bicycle
  • Tour of Montgó: Dénia-Port of Jávea

Cape San Antonio Marine Reserve

Cabo San Antonio Marine Reserve

Cabo de San Antonio

Although Cabo de San Antonio is located in the neighboring town of Jávea, the visit can be a good plan close to Dénia.

The marine reserve of Cabo San Antonio is a protected area with the purpose of preserving the marine fauna and its respective ecosystem. It has 400 hectares where various maritime activities are allowed, in addition to a marine fishing reserve.

El Portet, the Port of Dénia

Port of Denia

Puerto de Dénia

El Portet is located near the historic center of the city and would require a full post to talk about everything it offers: boat rentals, shopping area, entertainment for young and old, water sports and a long etc.. With an incipient and growing activity, it is becoming a true Mediterranean jewel.

These are just some of the things to do and places to see in Denia, one of the wonderful Mediterranean towns on the Costa Blanca that is worth visiting. It must be said that it is in summer when you can enjoy it the most, for all its maritime activities and for all the people that give movement and life to its streets.

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