The essential places to see in Benissa

Planning your next getaway alone, with your family or as a couple? If you feel like enjoying the good weather and the beach you know that in the towns of the Costa Blanca you have many places to choose from, such as Benissa.

This municipality, which has about 14,000 inhabitants and almost 45% of them are foreigners, is located in the northwest of the province of Alicante, in a region known as Marina Alta.

Let’s go with the best things to see and do in Benissa.

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Go to one of the beaches of Benissa

Pinets Cove Benissa
Pinets Cove

When it comes to what to do in Benissa, it is clear that enjoying the beach is one of the almost obligatory plans.

Here the coastline is much smaller than that of other towns in the area. It is only 4 kilometers long, but it is more than enough space for swimming and sunbathing in six beautiful spots. In addition, Benissa has the particularity of not receiving a massive influx of visitors, so even on summer weekends you can find a place to put your towel and umbrella.

Baladrar Cove

Cala Baladrar

It has a parking lot (not very big) and a beach bar, and down a few stairs you are already on the beach. A landscape of rather large boulders awaits you, protected by a small cliff, so it does not receive too much sun in the afternoon.

Advocat Beach

Playa del Advocat

Very close to the previous cove is this beach, protected by a breakwater, which makes its waters are very calm and ideal to go with children. Although it is a rocky beach, you can walk along the breakwater and go down the water through the stairs.

Llobella Cove

Cala de la Llobella

It is the most rugged and also the quietest beach in this town. The fact that there is no trace of sand here is what makes the atmosphere so relaxing. In addition, its crystal clear waters are perfect for observing marine life while snorkeling.

Pinets Cove

Cala Pinets

It is a very small corner, but of great beauty, which allows you to sunbathe surrounded by pine trees. If you like walking, you can take advantage and walk from there to the Fustera beach or visit the area of the black rocks.

Fustera Beach

Playa de la Fustera

It is the busiest beach in the town, because here we do find sand and its length is about 100 meters. As soon as you get there, you will realize that it is a very familiar and quiet beach, which usually has the Blue Flag badge.

Bassetes Cove

Cala de les Bassetes

Right on the border with Calpe you find this beach, which is next to the marina. To the right and left of its facilities you will find areas for swimming, but the stretches are rocky.

Climbing the Bèrnia mountain range

Forat de Bèrnia

Forat de Bèrnia

You can climb its 1128 meters high through the route of Forat de Bèrnia (PRCV-7). It is not a very complicated path, and it has the particularity that you will find a passage that allows you to cross the mountain range from one side to the other. Also, along the way you can see the Fort of Bèrnia, a Renaissance fortification dating from the sixteenth century.

Doing the ecological walk

Ecological walk of Benissa

Paseo ecológico de Benissa

Now that you’ve put on comfortable shoes, let’s keep walking. On this occasion by the ecological walk of the town, which runs along the coastal area in a total of 3 kilometers. Along the way you can take a swim in one of the coves and beaches we have seen before and, at all times, you will be surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Visiting the historic center of Benissa

Historic center Benissa

Casco antiguo de Benissa

You will love the combination of sea and mountains, but don’t forget to take a leisurely stroll through the city. You will be surprised by its historic center, which retains a certain medieval air. Purísima and Desamparados streets are two of the most emblematic, and during your tour you will find stately homes and important monuments, such as the Catedral de la Marina (the church of the Puríssima Xiqueta).

Enjoying the gastronomy

Surely so much walking and enjoying the sea is going to make you hungry, so there is nothing better than to calm it with the great gastronomy of the region. Here the typical dish is putxero de polp, made with rice, potato, octopus, chickpeas, almonds, sweet potato, onion, garlic and tomato.

And don’t forget to stop by one of the local butchers, because Benissa sausage is known throughout the Marina Alta. We especially recommend the butifarra, bufa, llonganissa and blanquet, perfect options to make a snack for your days at the beach or hiking.

Doing a bike route

Bike route in Benissa

If you like mountain biking, this is one of the most active areas for this sport. The municipality has two routes, one of 28 km to Parcent and another of 20 km which is circular and passes through Xaló.

This has been the best thing to see in Benissa. We are sure you will enjoy your visit and while you are in the area, we recommend you to visit some more towns on the Costa Blanca.

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