The 8 most beautiful places to see in Altea

Altea has a charming atmosphere that breathes the magic of the Mediterranean, with all its white facades and pavements made of stone. In one day you can visit this beautiful town, here are 8 things to do in Altea to know its essence.

Que ver en Altea: Puerto de Altea
Altea Port

Altea is one of the most beautiful villages to see on the Costa Blanca, and it is not by chance. We are talking about a beautiful town with a fishing tradition that is located in the province of Alicante in the Valencian Community, 15 minutes from our campsite in Benidorm.

1. Take a walk along the promenade and the Port of Altea

The promenade starts at the port and runs along part of the Altea’s coast. On the promenade you will find a lot of restaurants where you can taste the Mediterranean fish and rice cuisine (great quality by the way), there are also ice cream shops and bars to have a drink. The views are incredible and a take a walk along the promenade is very relaxing.

The port has around 500 moorings for boats. It is amazing to see the fishing boats returning to port with their nets full of the day’s catch (around 5-6pm).

Qué hacer en Altea: Paseo marítimo Altea
Altea promenade

2. Visit the Old Town

The old town of Altea is a visual delight because of the stone streets, the craft shops and the architecture of the houses with their blue tiles. It is easy to get lost in these streets, where you will find some beautiful squares such as the Plaça de L’Aigua, or the Plaza de la Cruz.

These streets lead to the highest area where we find the Church of Señora del Consuelo, which is one of the buildings that define Altea and is known as the dome of the Mediterranean. Right next to the square of this church we can find the viewpoint to see Altea from above (a must see).

Qué visitar en Altea: Casco antiguo
Casco Antiguo de Altea

3. Having a coffee in the town hall square

This is the central square of the town, connecting the promenade with the old town. The streets that cross it are full of shops and several cafes with terraces to have a drink and observe the daily life of the inhabitants of Altea.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento en Altea
What to see in Altea: Town Hall Square

4. Take a bath on the Roda beach

The beaches of Altea are all pebble beaches, which means that the comfort is not the same as the sandy beaches, but this can be solved with a hammock or a beach chair. However, they are not as crowded as Benidorm, so you can enjoy a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, so what you lose on the one hand you gain on the other.

Playa la roda Altea
What to visit in Altea: La Roda Beach

6. See the fireworks on the Olla beach on August 10th

This beach of sand, gravel and stones is located in the Olla area of Altea, it has two small islands; L’Illot and L’Illeta. Here we can find some beach bars and it is also the place where the famous Castell de l’Olla is celebrated on the 10th of August, which is the celebration of the festivity of San Lorenzo, where we can see the most spectacular fireworks of the whole region.

Castell l'olla Altea
Castell l’olla Altea

7. Unwind in the Jardín de los Sentidos

The “Jardín de los Sentidos” or garden of the senses is a small oasis immersed in nature. Well, actually it is a tea shop that has been given a natural and cosy atmosphere, with a garden full of plants from all the continents of the world. It’s a perfect place to disconnect from everyday life and the stressful and overwhelming human civilisation.

Jardín de los sentidos
What to do in Altea: El jardín de los sentidos

8. Visit the great Orthodox Church

On the way to Calpe, at Altea Hills, we find this impressive Orthodox Church made of wood, with golden domes. To get here it is necessary to come in some kind of vehicle as there is no pedestrian path.

Iglesia ortodoxa Altea
Altea Orthodox Church

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