What to see and do in Santa Pola

Santa Pola is one of those villages of the Costa Blanca that appear in all the lists of essential cities to visit by the sea. Located in Alicante, specifically in the region of Bajo Vinalopó, the extension of the town does not exceed 58 square kilometers, although it has a very large area of coastline, up to 13 kilometers.

There are several campers who, from Camping Arena Blanca, come to this coastal village. We tell you where Santa Pola is, how to get to the town and, above all, what to see in Santa Pola in a day so you don’t miss anything.

The fish auction

Santa Pola Fish Market

Lonja de pescado de Santa Pola

Going to the fish market and witnessing the fish auction is quite interesting. Watching fishermen and shopkeepers and restaurant managers set the purchase price for the day’s catch is an event, although now computer systems have taken a bit of the authenticity out of it.

In Santa Pola, the fish market lends itself very well to those who want to observe how it works, which takes place every day from Monday to Friday, from 16:00 to 19:00 hours with free admission.

Visit the castle of Santa Pola

Santa Pola Castle

Castillo-Fortaleza de Santa Pola

As a historical city of the Levante, Santa Pola has many vestiges of the past. One of the most impressive is its castle, which dates from the sixteenth century and was born with the aim of defending sailors from pirate attacks that came to the area to steal everything possible.

Very well preserved and today converted into a cultural center, this Renaissance style building will allow you to take a trip back in time and enjoy one of the architectural wonders of Alicante.

More past: a walk through Roman archeology

Casa Romana - Palm Grove Santa Pola

Casa Romana El Palmeral Yacimiento Arqueológico

The Roman villa El Palmeral will allow you to confirm the importance of the area over the centuries. There you will enjoy the remains of a large aristocratic villa, where today there are still preserved mosaics that were completed in the fourth century AD, as well as the structure of the house.

This can be completed with a visit to the Portus Ilicitanus, which was the commercial area of the city, where there are also some preserved Roman remains that will delight history lovers.

Pola Park: an amusement park in Alicante

Pola Park Santa Pola

Pola Park

With more than 25 years of history, Polapark has become one of the longest running amusement parks in the country. Attractions, shows, restaurants and game booths await the tens of thousands of tourists who each year opt for this fun plan for families and groups of friends with small children.

More than twenty attractions of all kinds are available in this complex to make you spend a day in which you will forget the clock and you can only have a smile on your face to see how the little ones of the house have fun like never before.

Go to Tabarca



Tabarca is a small islet located off the coast of Alicante and Santa Pola. Full of coves perfect for swimming or relaxing in full contact with nature, it is one of the main points of interest in the area, especially for snorkeling enthusiasts.

In addition, the small island is worth a visit for its architectural interest. Its walls have been declared a Historic-Artistic Site and an Asset of Cultural Interest for their history – Charles III ordered them to be built – and for the beauty they bring to the area.

The salt mines and the salt museum

Santa Pola Salt Museum

Museo de la Sal y Centro de Interpretación del Parque Natural Salinas de Santa Pola

Another of the points that make Santa Pola stand out among the other towns in the area are its salt mines. This impressive area, declared a Natural Park and where you can see giant mountains of salt, houses a museum where you can learn, in a dynamic and entertaining way, all the details about the salt extraction process. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and admission is free.

Strolling through the natural park of the Salinas

Salinas Santa Pola

Salinas de Santa Pola

The visit to the Salt Museum can be completed with a brief tour of the Salt Flats, a natural park of 2496 hectares, ideal for nature lovers.

It is a space full of hiking trails with which you will pass through the dozens of rafts of the old salt factories, where today inhabit many species of birds, especially flamingos, which offer a unique visual spectacle.

Contemplating Civil War bunkers

Bunker Santa Pola

Baterías de Costa

The war of the twentieth century is still alive in the memory of the citizens of Santa Pola. The area, very active during the Civil War, preserves numerous trenches and even some bunkers of the time in the area of the Faro viewpoint.

This visit is very curious, because this type of war testimonies are not usually so visible and well preserved, so it is worth approaching them to not forget the disasters of recent history.

These are the main attractions of the municipality. As you can see, you can make a great plan to see Santa Pola in 1 day. That is why this coastal city becomes a must for those who spend a few days of vacation on the Costa Blanca.

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