The best things to do in Benidorm

Benidorm city

Are you coming to Benidorm and don’t know what to do? Here you will find the plans that you cannot miss in this incredible city. I will try to make the article act as a guide to get the most out of a good vacation in the first city in which the use of a bikini was allowed in Spain.

So now, let´s review the most iconic places to visit in Benidorm.

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The best views and pubs in town

Balcon del mediterraneo
El Balcón del Mediterráneo

The Balcón del Mediterraneo, also known as Mirador de Benidorm, is the place dividing the two main beaches from Benidorm: Levante and Poniente.

This place can be found at the historic centre of Benidorm and which offers the tourists a breathtaking views of the whole coast and symbol of the city, also, the most important thing is that there are lots of tapas bars. If you ask by the area “Los Vascos”, you´ll have a plan for the whole evening between glasses of beer and fried fish.

Go partying in the Benidorm pubs

If you want to meet people or go out with your friends, in this city there are several party areas, each with a different music and atmosphere.

Nightclubs from the Levante beach

This is the most cosmopolitan party area in Benidorm, here we can find current TV show stars like Big Brother or Women and Men and Vice versa. With a free ticket, it is possible to enjoy some music, especially electronic one, in nightclubs like: KM Playa, Penélope Playa, KU Playa, Richard New Look and Moon Beach among others (they close around 5 am).

Location Pubs Levante beach

English area

This is the most known area by the English public. Here you´ll find tribute shows to the great singers, comedians, musicals and drink offers. Morgans Tavern, Red Dog, Café Benidorm, Hipódromo, Champions, Beach Comber, Bahamas, Loch Ness and many other nightclubs and bars that you can find on Lepanto, Ibiza or Gerona streets in the Rincón de Loix neighbourhood.

Location English area

N332 road nightclubs

Ku Benidorm, KM Disco, Penélope and Manssion are great nightclubs located in Comunidad Valenciana Avenue, and whose tickets must be paid at the moment. They have some of the most famous DJs from all over the world like David Guetta, Dj Nano or Cristan Varela among many others. Here you´ll find all kinds of music, from the most commercial to the electronic one, even alternative rock festivals.

Location N332 road nightclubs

El Callejón

These are the streets leading you to the Plaza del Castillo. All of the most famous pubs and premises from Benidorm meet at this point, such as La posada, Happy Clinic, Manhattan, Portobello and The Sal, among many others. With a mostly Spanish public, the pachanga and commercial music are the most frequent styles. These establishments offer drinks at a more economical price than in The Beach or in the road nightclubs. Also, these close at 3 and 4 in the morning approximately.

Location El Callejón

A bit of Adrenaline in Terra Mítica

The most famous theme park from the Valencia Community is in Benidorm. Here you have more information about Terra Mítica Park: Schedules, Rides, Fares and Pictures.

Going to the Benidorm’s Cross

Views from the Benidorm’s Cross

In case you have already been in Benidorm, you will have noticed for sure the cross that can be seen at night in the mountain. It´s really worth climbing it because the views are the most beautiful ones, but they´re even better at night!

It is one of the routes of the Sierra Helada that can be enjoyed just with a bottle of water and a comfortable footwear.

Duración: 2 hours

Skating on the waves in the Cable Ski

The famous Cable ski is located in the Rincón de Loix, at Levante Beach, an exciting and unforgettable activity. Test your skills on top of the: Wakeboard, Monoski, Wakeskate, Kneeboard or Two skies. You can also rent here rides in a hot-air balloon above sea level.

Visiting the most famous and highest skyscrapers

Gran Hotel Bali
Gran Hotel Bali

TOP1 Skyscrapers: In tempo

The highest skyscraper in Benidorm, and the fourth highest in Spain, this is the In Tempo. Unfortunately, its construction is stopped and uninhabited. There was a problem with the developer and it´s still in state of insolvency. The future of this great skyscraper remains unknown.

45 floors
192 meters
Location In Tempo

TOP2 Skyscraper: The Gran Hotel Bali

This is the second highest hotel in Europe. On the date it was inaugurated (on May, 2020) it became the highest skyscraper in Spain, until it was beaten by the Torre Espacio, from Madrid, in 2006. It can be found in the Finestrat Cove (this is the name of a neighbourhood from Benidorm).

43 floors
186 meters
Location Gran Hotel Bali

TOP3 Skyscraper: Torre Lúgano

In the Top 3 of skyscrapers from Benidorm we have this great building, located in Rincón de Loix. It is a residential property of 204 of flats that can be found next to the forest area of La Sierra Helada.

43 floors
158 meters
Location Torre Lúgano

Going to the gaming area of the ozone bowling alley and festilandia park

Arcade machines, pools, table footballs, bowls and bar included in the most famous bowling alley in Benidorm. Next to the Ozone bowling alley, we can find Festilandia, a mini child theme park right in the middle of the centre of Benidorm. Especially recommended for children aging between 5 and 12 years old.

Location Ozone Bowling

Living the patronal benidorm festivities

Fiestas de Benidorm

These events take place in November and in honour to the Virgin of the Sufragio and San Jaime Apostle. This is the most important feast among all the hosted in Benidorm; the peñas, carriage parades, staging of the discovery of the Virgin at Poniente beach, the fireworks, the concerts, performances and child activities are some of the acts that you´ll find in Benidorm in case you come here over those 4 days, besides the party on the streets.

A leisure and shopping afternoon at La Marina shopping mall

Apart from having the best sport and fashion stores, there´s also a cinema, restaurants, a bowling alley with arcade machines and a play park with small rides.

Visiting the boca del calvari museum

Right in the centre of Benidorm, we can find the boca del calvari museum, which updates their exhibitions regularly, so you can find a bit of everything. At some point, there has been an exhibition of old pictures of Benidorm which personally left me speechless by seeing the change that this city has experienced.

Escaping the zombies in the new Lockdown escape room

You have three challenges at the Lockdown escape room. Zombie War, the Orphanage and the Cold War. I have personally taken the first two challenges and the truth is that the setting is really amazing, from the moment you get into the establishment, you´re immersed in the story and the guys running it are really kind as well, they live it and what´s more important: they make you live it as well!.

Taking a bath in some of the beaches from benidorm

Levante Beach

Playa Levante Benidorm

Knows as the dawn beach, it´s the most famous one in Benidorm with a length of 3 Km. Located in Rincón de Loix, this beach has a ski wire station, besides a library-beach that opens all year round from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Cala de Finestrat

Cala de Finestrat Benidorm

The Cala de Finestrat is the only one beach from the territory of Finestrat, which limits with the municipalities of Benidorm and Villajoyosa, with a length of 300 meters and a width of 51 meters in average.

Poniente Beach

Playa Poniente de Benidorm

With a length of 4 km and a width of 100 meters in average, it´s the biggest beach in Benidorm with a recently restored promenade. At the beginning of this beach, you´ll find the Benidorm Port. This beach also has swings and library-beach, which opens from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Mal Pas Beach

Playa del Mal Pas Benidorm

Between Levante and Poniente, we can find the Mal Pas beach, near the port, being this one a small and not so visited cove. This beach is 120 meters long.

Cala del Tío Ximo

Cala del tio Ximo Benidorm

If you´re looking for the perfect union between mountain and beach, then this is your cove because is located right in the mountain and on the way to the Cruz del Rincón de Loix. It’s a beautiful beach with a length of 70 meters and made of fine sand, stones and crystal clear water.

Visit Guadalest

The villages near Benidorm are really nice, and this one in concrete is a pretty cool medieval fortress that takes us to the past and which can be a good plan to spend the day as well. Discover in depth the Castell of Guadalest.

Going to the Benidorm Island

The Benidorm Island, also Know as the “reporters island” is located two marine miles from the Benidorm coast. The boat called “golondrina” takes you from the port to the island each hours.

Living in Benidorm the Saint John’s night

Saint Jonh’s night in Benidorm
Night of June, 23th

On saint John’s night, the beaches in Benidorm are lighted up with the light of the bonfires and on that night, thousand people gather together in the Levante and Poniente beaches to celebrate that by lighting the bonfires, we are giving strength to the sun, and whose presence starts to decrease from these days and on.

It’s also said we expel the bad spirits and witches with the fire of the bonfire and by taking a bath in the sea at midnight.

Jumping down the Aqualandia’s slides

The best aquatic park in Spain has a new ride, the cyclone. Here you can get information about the Aqualandia slides, opening time and calendar.

Going to the swings and zip lines of the new foietes park

If you´re coming with children, then don´t hesitate it and drop by this recently build theme park, which has several swings, zip lines and green areas. This is also an ideal place to go on a picnic with the little ones because the park has toilets

Picnic at the L’Aiguera park and its gardens

Parque de l'aiguera
L’Aigüera park

This is the most famous park in Benidorm, it has large green areas full with grass, picnic banks, a multi-sport track, swings and toilets. You´ll find here the famous Julio Iglesias Auditory by walking around this area and where the Music Festivals of Benidorm have been hosted.

The Benidorm city hall is located at the end of the park, being this a building with a very particular design, as a curiosity, the names of all the residents of the city are engraved on the windows of the city hall.

Knowing Altea, one of the most beautiful village of the outskirt

One the most beautiful villages from the Costa Blanca par excellence, with a great fish tradition, this location has one of the most beautiful historic centres and a first class gastronomic offer.

Taking a bath in the Fuentes del Algar

The Fuentes del algar are a small oasis located right in the middle of nature in Callosa d´en Sarriá, a village located at 15 km from Benidorm. These natural sources are some of the most beautiful places to take a bath in the middle of the countryside.

Visiting the street markets and yard sales of Benidorm and its outskirts

Pueblo street market

The street market of Rincón de Loix par excellence, with new products and groceries. It also has a central bar and a shop selling churros.

Wednesday and Sunday
From 8:00 to 14:00
Camí Azagador de Soria, 55D, 03503 Benidorm

El Cisne antiques

This street market, which is next to the Ermita de Sanz, is known by its life, because apart from the selling stores, it also has bars and restaurants, with musical shows and karaoke.

From 8:00 to 14:00
Av. de la Comunitat Valenciana, 6, 03503 Benidorm

Foietes street market

Street market of the Foietes neighbourhood with new products and groceries.

From 8:00 to 14:00
Recinto Ferial, 03502 Benidorm

Polop yard sale

It´s the most famous yard sale of the area, where anyone can set a stall and sell his or her own products (sometimes antiques, decorative second-hand products, electrical appliances etc).

From 8:00 to 14:00
CV-70, 161, 03520 Barony of Polop

Street market of Cala de Finestrat

A street market similar to the ones of the Rincón de Loix and Foietes. New products and groceries in the Cala de Finestrat.

From 8:00 to 14:00
Calle 9 d’Octubre, 03509 Finestrat

La Nucía yard sale

Craft products, antiques, food, florist´s shop, textile, tools etc.

From 8:00 to 15:00
Polígono Industrial L´Alberca de La Nucía

Seeing the fallas burn

The most popular and known Valencian party in which we say goodbye to the coldness of winter and welcome both the spring and good weather. The burn of the fallas takes place on the night of March, 19th, although these are exhibited all the previous week across the city.

For those who don´t know it (maybe there’s someone), the tradition of the fallas consists in burning several stone-paper monuments with a satiric design about current issues of our society (mostly about politics). In this way, the old things are burnt to start again with the hope of improving the situations portrayed in the fallas.

Shows at Benidorm Palace or Benidorm Circus

The Benidorm Palace is one of the biggest halls in the region and which has given room to concerts of the greatest singers of the Spanish culture. Here you´ll enjoy a dinner-show with any kind of performance, including folk dances, acrobatics, comedians and musicians among many others.

Benidorm Circus

Right next to it, we can find the Benidorm Circus, a modern circus with juggling, mime artists, acrobatics clowns, dancers and singers shows.

That is all by now about Benidorm and its outskirts, a city prepared for the modern life with lots of things to do and amazing places to visit.

It’s been clear that if you get bored here is because you want it, so if you come in Summer, then start preparing the sun cream, and if you a want a place on the frontline of the beach, you’d better get up early in the morning because the foresighted old age arrives at first light and fully equipped with their towels and chairs.

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