The 8 most beautiful places to see in Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa, also known as La Vila Joyosa, is one of the most beautiful towns in Alicante and whose history goes back in time until the old Roman city of Allon.

Valencian is the most spoken language by the natural people from Villajoyosa, and right across its wonderful lands, we can find several nice places to visit as well as a great gastronomic level to taste.

We are enumerating next 8 plans to know the most beautiful aspects of Villajoyosa.

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Taking a bath at El Torres beach and visiting the Saint Joseph Tower

Playa El Torres Villajoyosa

El Torres Beach

At the entrance of Villajoyosa (by the area from which we can go to Valencia), we can find one of the most beautiful and calmest beaches of the coast, very easily accessible by car and with quite parkings.

It´s a gravel beach which, for being far away from the urban centre, it’s not overcrowded and there´s a beach bar as well.

Torre Sant Josep Villajoyosa

Next to the beach, we can find the Sanit Joseph Tower or Hércules Tower, being this a funerary monument declared as a good of cultural interest. It is a mausoleum that reached a height of 5 meters, built in honour to Lucio Terencio Mancino´s tomb, and which was right next to the same one.

Living the Moros y Cristianos Festivals in Villajoyosa

Moros y Cristianos Villajoyosa

The Moros y Cristianos Festivals are something really special in this locality, these take place In July, from 24th to 31th, and were declared of International Touristic Interest in 2003 for being an event older than 250 years old and which commemorates with several others, especially, with the re-enactment of the landing of the Berber pirates, an act interrupted by the own villagers in a naval fight. We can enjoy this re-enactment on July, 28th.

You can also enjoy the parades of each side, which take place in July, 25th and 26th; also, over these days, you´ll find several gastronomic contests in the village as well as fireworks and music concerts.

Tasting La Vila Gastronómica

La Vila Joyosa is famous for its high quality gastronomic with fishing tradition and for that reason, the municipality developed the brand “La Vila Gastronómica”, around which several annual events are hosted and in which the locality makes a show of its culinary skills. These events are:

Going to the Amadorio’s swamp

Pantano Amadorio Villajoyosa

Amadorio's Swamp

This reservoir, which pleases us with some wonderful views, contains part of the riverbed of the Amadorio river and which is located, in turn, on the road in direction to Orxeta (the next village towards the interior).

The swamp area has a small path and if you want to, you also have the chance to fish it. You might find some carps, being these the more abundant fish in this area.

Going out for a walk by the hanging houses and by the area of the old city

Casas colgantes Villajoyosa

Hanging Houses from Villajoyosa

The hanging houses are a very emblematic part of La Vila Joiosa, these can be found at the centre of the city and just below them, we have a path next to the Amadorio river that take us to the coast of the village. It´s a highly recommended walk through one of the nicest areas of the village.

Apart from visiting the hanging houses, we can also visit the Church-Fortress of Our Lady of the Assumpta, which is part of the constructions of the old Roman city of Allon; it’s also the perfect excuse to go for a walk by the old city of Villajoyosa and to discover its nice streets and bars.

Visiting the Museum and the chocolate factory Valor

Museo Chocolates Valor Villajoyosa

Chocolate Valor Museum

One of the places that can´t be missed if you want to know in depth La Vila is the Chocolate Museum. Inaugurated in 1998, the Valor company, whose factory is right there, allows us to know the process through which the most addicting sweet ever is created: chocolate.

We’ll know its process and the equipment used by the large factories, both the oldest and the newest one while taking a walk throughout the more than 100 years of history of the chocolate factory Valor.

Taking a walk by the port and seeing the fishers neighbourhood

Barrio pescadores Villajoyosa

Nautic Club Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa port is a really nice place to go out for a walk and for breathing the real fishing tradition, which is very typical in the villages of the Costa Blanca, apart from finding here the best restaurants around.

Next to the port, we can find the promenade that takes you to the centre of Villajoyosa while crossing the beach. At the centre, we´ll see the fishers neighbourhood and the famous houses with its colour walls; it´s a really nice place to take a walk and to know the charms of this village.

Final stop at an Iberian site: La Malladeta

La malladeta Villajoyosa

Santuari iber i romà de la Malladeta

This plan could be considered as a small route to which we can access from the same promenade and by following the path in direction to the Tossal de la Malladeta, which was an Iberian Sanctuary with wonderful views to the coast of Alicante.

In addition, we can find in this area an old palace of Arabian construction and a tower. This tower was built at the end of the XIX century and which was a mysterious psychiatric office with a breathtaking views to La Vila coast.

With all these plans we´ve seen, it´s more than enough for a whole visiting day around this wonderful village from the Costa Blanca, where we can take walks through its beautiful places. As far as I know, I can tell you that the restaurants from this area are really famous for offering the best among the best of the Mediterranean gastronomy, in few words, Villajoyosa is a village that must be visited.

If you are going to be on the Costa Blanca, we recommend that you include in your plans one more visit to one of its coastal towns.

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