The 15 most beautiful places to see in Alicante

It is clear that the beaches have a lot of pull and that summer is the season that reigns in the Levantine coast, but beyond those wide beaches that invite you to relax and the peaceful summer weather, there is more to see in Alicante. And at any time of the year.

Up to 15 places and plans we propose on this occasion, and we still fall short. We hope it will serve as an appetizer.

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Santa Barbara Castle

Santa Barbara Castle

Castillo de Santa Bárbara

It is just over half an hour’s drive from the campsite, and what will catch your attention is its location: the fortress is situated on Mount Benacantil, a rock over 160 meters high overlooking the sea and of great strategic value. The visit is worthwhile because of the facilities and because it offers panoramic views of the entire bay of Alicante, especially if you walk along some of the urban itineraries.

The Central Market of Alicante

Alicante Central Market

Mercado Central

If you decide to visit, a profitable morning (or afternoon) of shopping awaits you, but the first thing you’ll want to do when you arrive is take pictures with its beautiful façade in the background. It has an eclectic style with touches of Valencian modernism, and dates from the early twentieth century. It will also be time to learn a bit of history, because both the building and other parts of the city were bombed by the Italian fascist air force in 1938.

The Esplanade of Spain

Esplanade Spain in Alicante

Explanada de España

It is one of the classic answers to the question of what to visit in Alicante, as it is one of the most famous pedestrian streets in the city. It connects Puerta del Mar with Canalejas Park and runs parallel to the port, then invites you to take a stroll under palm trees that will offer views of other iconic buildings, such as the Gran Sol Hotel and Casa Carbonell.

The Archaeological Museum of Alicante

MARQ Museum Alicante

Museo MARQ

It is known by its acronym MARQ, and it is one of the best recommendations we can offer you for a family plan. It is always a good time for children to learn about prehistory, Iberian culture, Roman culture, the Middle Ages and modern and contemporary cultures. You can elaborate an interesting itinerary through its rooms.

The Canelobre Caves

Canelobre Caves

Cuevas del Canelobre

To visit them you will have to get to Busot, in the province of Alicante and just over 40 minutes drive from the campsite. It is also a place with history, because during the Civil War it served as a refuge for the Republican air force. As a curiosity, it has one of the highest subway vaults in the country, with 70 meters high and an amalgam of forms that water has been carved into the rock and that you can not stop looking at.

The Co-cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari

Co-cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari

Concatedral de San Nicolás de Bari

It is a Renaissance style building, rather austere on the outside, but inside it has a cloister of Gothic origin. It is not the only thing that will catch your attention, because it also has a huge dome whose lantern almost reaches 45 meters high.

It is located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, the perfect starting point for the ascent to Santa Bárbara. It is essential that you then get lost among its narrow streets and white facades.

The Monastery of Santa Faz

Santa Faz Monastery

Monasterio de la Santa Faz

It is also known as that of the Veronica or, simply, that of the Canonesses Regular. It owes its name to the relic preserved inside, which is presumablythe same one with which Veronica wiped the face of Jesus Christ on his way to Mount Calvary.

El Palmeral Park

El Palmeral Park Alicante

Parque del Palmeral

We change of pace to enjoy the urban outdoors again, this time in El Palmeral. To visit it you will have to go to Elche Avenue and move through its native vegetation with more than 7000 palm trees and hidden treasures: the fountain, the waterfall or the pavilion are the best examples. In addition, its location in front of the Mediterranean Sea is enviable.

San Juan Beach

San Juan Beach Alicante

Playa de San Juan

We are in one of the great European summer capitals, how could we not include the beach? Even in winter you feel like taking the usual walk along its shores, and San Juan Playa (formerly known as Platja de l’Horta) is the best option. It is one of the best known of the capital thanks to its seven kilometers of sand and its easily accessible location in the populous neighborhood of San Juan, where it gets its name.

Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island Alicante

Isla de Tabarca

If the sea breeze helps you to clear your head and get some fresh air, don’t worry because we don’t plan to take you away from the sea. Tabarca is the largest island of the community and the only one that is inhabited today. It is worth a visit for its heritage: the wall with its gates, the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the lighthouse, etc..

It was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1966, and two decades later the surrounding waters of the island were declared a Marine Reserve. To visit it you have to get on a ferry in Santa Pola, about 50 minutes from the campsite.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art Alicante

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alicante

The MACA turns out to be one of the most important of those that exhibit this type of art at a national level. It has works of the twentieth century of an appreciable quality for lovers of their artistic currents, totaling about 180. Surely names like Miró, Picasso, Juan Gris, Kandinsky, Dalí, Tàpies or Chillida ring a bell, right? Well, they are here.

Casino Mediterráneo Alicante

Casino Mediterraneo Alicante

Casino Mediterráneo Alicante

We wanted to include a different proposal in this list of things to see in Alicante. If you like this type of leisure, you will enjoy its poker tournaments, roulette, gaming tables and slot machines, but also its gastronomy and other activities.

The Ocean Race Museum

The Volvo Ocean Race Museum

Museo The Ocean Race

By now, you will be convinced that Alicante is more than a sun and beach destination, although the space we are talking about now is closely related to both elements. This is the only museum in the world dedicated to the round-the-world sailing trip, an interactive space with more than 45 years of history and which, among other things, has set itself the goal of raising awareness of the need to protect the oceans. Perfect to go with children.

Illeta dels Banyets

Illeta dels Banyets Alicante

Illeta dels Banyets

We would say that the archaeological site of La Isleta is another must to visit Alicante. It was declared of Cultural Interest and is located in the Campello area, less than half an hour from the campsite. It has remains from the Bronze Age, from a Roman villa and from the Islamic and medieval periods.

Las Cigarreras Cultural Center

Las Cigarretas Cultural Center

Centro cultural Las Cigarretas

If you are in the mood for cultural plans, check out the center’s agenda because it is usually packed: workshops, music, exhibitions or dance are just a few examples.

And this has been a summary to make your plan in Alicante, but if you are going to spend your vacations near here, we recommend you to visit some more towns on the Costa Blanca.

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