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Holidays with children in Benidorm

Holidays with kids en Benidorm


owadays holidays with kids are very different from those of adults, for that reason you have to prepare them in advance; look for the best deals, plan the activities, decide if it is going to be a trip along the coast or in the mountain, but especially make it an unforgettable trip.

A single-parent family can also have their own needs, such as giving fun experiences without an expensive cost, here we will see some options and tips to organize your best holidays with kids for the beginning of 2018.

Where to go on vacation with children?

First question: What places do you want to see? Beach? Mountain and fresh air? Snow? A good option can go through destinations that offer a good fusion between nature and city, in Spain exists some of these, for example Benidorm, with its routes through the Sierra Helada, its famous beaches, that’s a city plenty of life with leisure options for all ages. Definitely a great place to travel with the kids.

Cheap destinations are always related with the type of establishment we are looking for, but if you really want something economic at the same time exciting; Why not go camping with the kids? If you have not tried it yet, it will be an enriching experience for your little ones, go camping in a natural environment will be exciting, besides you will have comfort that gives the services of a good campsite, such as the toilets with showers with hot water or the heated pool that we have in Camping Arena Blanca.

It should be noted that Benidorm, apart of the mountain, beach and city, also has two top theme parks, sure you already know them but in these articles you will find some information about: Terra Mitica and Aqualandia.

Staying in hotels or rural houses is OK, but the world of camping is unknown to many people, you can always give it a chance.

How to organize a vacation with kids?

The best trips for kids are not just the where as the how, you have to make them special and original.

How old are your children? It is not the same to plan a vacation for children of 12 years than newborn babies of 6, 12 or 18 months. Some ideas on what to do in your Benidorm holidays with kids depending on age:

  • Less than 3 years old: Take a walk in the two promenades of Poniente and Levante beaches
  • From 4 to 10 years old: Visit the parks of La Aigüera and Foietes, with lots of swings and green spaces
  • 10 years or more: Festilandia Park, Terra Mítica, Aqualandia, The Bowling in Av Mediterráneo, La Cruz route

You must be careful with the famous “All Included”, as we can find ourselves in low-quality establishments, with many times low-quality guests too, so it is always good to have a look to the opinions of TripAdvisor to have more information from the place we’re going to.

What to take on vacations with children?

If our intention is to make a weekend trip and we plan to make a route through the mountain, you can have last-minute incidents, here are some indispensable things to be prepared for everything with our kids on the holidays:

  • Bottle of water 2L
  • Juice
  • Diapers backup
  • Cap for summer
  • Hat for winter
  • Snacks
  • Underwear backup

How to survive a holiday with children?

Summer time with children can be a risky activity, especially for the patience of parents, so we must bear in mind that children must have fun and make them spend many of their inexhaustible energy source, here are some ideas:

  • Go to an establishment with entertainment for children, such as Camping Arena Blanca in summer
  • Experience an adventure in form of tourist routes, for example: The Cross of Benidorm or The Route of the Antennas in Sierra Helada
  • Make a trip abroad to learn English

Camping Arena Blanca: A good option to go with kids

Arena Blanca, is a camping in Benidorm prepared for modern life, with WIFI included in all accommodations, plots and facilities; heated pool in winter, entertainment in summer and a playground with swings. We also recognized by our family friendly atmosphere.

From the terrace or bar, parents can see if their children are in the billiards, in the playground or in the pool. We also have baby baths available with their changing table.

vacaciones para niños

Probably, the children animation is one of the most important points in a trip with children, we have it in summer, the children can play with the animator and interact with the other children of the camping, sometimes kids of other countries, what can be an enriching experience for them.

Some of the games and activities we do are:

  • Games in the pool
  • Petanque
  • Face painting
  • Handrafts
  • Theater
  • Mini disk
  • Badminton
  • Bowling