Camping Arena Blanca

The town

Mediterranean Balcony

Punta Canfali, also known as the Mediterranean Balcony, is the point that separates Benidorm’s main beaches: Levante and Poniente. It provides spectacular views of Benidorm’s coast line, which makes it a must-see place for all visitors.


Benidorm Island

Also known as “the journalists island”, located at two nautical miles off Benidorm’s coast. The history of the rock plays a role in local mythology and nowadays it’s of great touristic value, not in the last place because of the rich sea bed that surrounds it. The boats that sail hourly from the port to the island are known as the “Swallows”. They have glass bottoms, enabling the observation of the submarine flora and fauna.


Benidorm Palace

A great experience with dance, music, light and magic very close to Camping Arena Blanca. One of the bigger performance halls in the region hosting a variety of events. It has a dinner-show full of fascinating performances and concerts. Here you can enjoy a mix of different kind of performances, like folkloric dance, acrobatics, comedians and musicians, among others.


Benidorm Circus

Modern circus with its very own style, inspired by the big circuses like the Cirque du Soleil or Oriente Circus. With jugglers, mimes, acrobat clowns, dancers and singers, among others.
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