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Festivities in Benidorm

Benidorm festivities. We have the Spanish city with more festivities! A perfect mix of entertainment, culture and tradition. Would you like to know the customs and history of Benidorm?
To highlight the most popular:

Three Wise Men’s Day Parade

To finish off the Christmas celebrations and start the new year, we have the Three Wise Men from the East visiting us on their horses when the night falls on the 5th of January, so actually on the eve of Three Wise Men’s Day. They bring not only the magic and mystery from the East, but also candy and presents for the children. Experience the magic of Christmas in Benidorm!
The parade can’t lack floats, costumes and of course Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, who usually leave from Parque de Elche at around 18:00 hours. From there they parade through the streets of Benidorm centre towards the town hall, where a nativity scene has been put up and shows and fireworks light up the festivities.



Do you like to dress in disguise or walk in a parade? During Benidorm’s Carnival you can live an experience full of fantasy, colours and music.
Costume contests are organized, parades are held and in the end there’s the burial of the sardine, celebrated in several parts of town, a ritual that symbolizes the burial of the bad things of the past and being reborn.
If you want to participate in the carnival, here in Benidorm you will find many shops that offer a variety of fun costumes. Come and enjoy!



19 March
This fiesta of Valencian origin is the best known and post popular one in this region. With this yearly celebration we say goodbye to the cold winter and welcome the spring and the good climate. The tradition of the Fallas involves the burning of sculptures made of papier-mâché satirizing themes of actuality. This ritual also represents leaving the past behind, by symbolically burning the bad things and continue full of renewed energy.
Come to welcome spring in a different way. An unforgettable show of fire.


Saint John

On the night of Saint John (night of June the 23rd) Benidorm’s beaches are illuminated by the light of the bonfires. Thousands of people gather on Benidorm’s Levante and Poniente beaches to celebrate Saint John’s night. This night wants us to believe that as we light the bonfires, we give extra strength to the Sun, which from these days begins to decrease its presence in the daytime. It is also said that we expel evil spirits and witches with the fires and by bathing in the sea at midnight.


Moors and Christians

During these celebrations don’t be surprised when you see genuine Moors and Christians walking the streets of Benidorm. This fiesta is a historical representation of the war between the followers of the cross and Muslims, who dominated the Iberian peninsula for centuries.
The landing of the Christians on the Levante beach, the battle between both sides and the parades are some of the events you shouldn’t miss.


Celebration of the Patron Saints

These fiestas in honour of Our Lady of Suffrage (Virgen del Sufragio) and Saint James are the most important that are held in Benidorm. The groups of organizers (peñas), parades with floats, re-enactment of the discovery of the Virgin at Poniente beach, fireworks, concerts, shows and children’s activities are some of the events you’ll find when you come to Benidorm during these four days, apart from the partying in the streets. Come and live the fiestas Benidorm style.

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